Deliverables for client

Hi. I am curious about deliverables for clients. On the pro plan. I know that you can export JPG, Geotiff, OBJ. So a client could import the Geotiff into a GIS program, and use the data that way.

But I need to know what a client (who does not have a DD account) would have available to them if I shared the link to the interactive map. I know they can view 2D, 3D, plant, elevation, and any annotations and measurements that I have made. I know that because I have looked at maps that others have shared and I can access that, without being logged in. But I cannot use any of the measurement or volume tools this way.

Is there a different way to share the map to a client versus what I am looking at as a public viewer of someone’s shared map? Or can a client who is given the interactive map as a deliverable actually not use all of the functions that I, the DD user would be paying for?

I saw this in the plan comparison, but it wasn’t clear exactly what is possible. “Annotation &
Collaboration: Share files and make comments with anyone via link or email.”

Thank you!

Only the Business and Enterprise plans have user management and the ability to have other people edit maps from their logins. The default sharing links allow any end user whether logged in or not to view any annotations you make and download any exports that you have already queued up.

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