Producing data for clients

Hello All!
Let me start off by saying I am new here and love using DD already. I have a large client on the hook for some major road construction projects. They use arcGis as their mapping tools. I am reading and trying to figure this all out on my own, but there are some questions that just wont seem to go away. Im not familiar with arcgis so I was trying to figure out a way to share the DD tools without the DD marketing emails that would go to my client. Through a little arcgis research, I have found that the DD export may be exactly what I need to use. Am I reading this correctly?? Could it be as simple as my client downloads the export link I share and uploads my maps into their existing arcgis software for a seamless updated image?? Using the existing tools they are familiar with?

Thank you for any guidance. This forum is a great tool itself!

I am also interested. I have the same scenario.

@Ztux73 if you wanted to send it to them with no DroneDeploy branding, you could send yourself the file, download it, and then forward it on to them. If you send it to them directly from the Export panel, they will receive an email from Exports@dronedeploy.

The new Box app on our App Market may also be useful this - go to your dashboard, then Apps, then choose Box:

Mapping arc gis
Fairly easy with no brands. Just to the exports then send the files or drop box fo you’re client if they use arc they they just import a raster layer.

On the cheap for you look up QGIS its free open source nearly as good and some google work you can make the map add your own logo etc