Question on delivering product

Maybe I am missing something as I am still on my trial version. When I share my maps with a client it seems Drone Deploy wants them to sign up or sing in. I did a few test emails and two people could not figure how to log in and view the product. On my wife’s computer we did sign in and now Drone Deploy is marketing to her as if she is a pilot. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but is there a easy way for the average client to view there missions and with out DD marketing to them? I do like the software and everything else though.


Hi Brian,

Currently, there are two primary ways you can share:

  1. Using the email sharing, the recipient will need to sign up for a DroneDeploy account, but will have full access to the map layers, tools and annotations on a pro trial. Their trial will continue forever, assuming they don’t make any maps. If you have a business account, the recipient will see your logo on the map.

  2. Using link sharing, the recipient doesn’t need to sign up, but cannot (Currently) see annotations, only the map (either full color, crop health, elevation, or 3D model)

We expect to upgrade our link sharing in future to support annotations and changing layers without requiring sign in, but that work is at least a couple of months out.


James thank you for you quick reply. It looks like Email share is the way to go for now. Hoping DD makes this a bit more stream line soon. Having DD market to my client who has no desire to fly is a bit embarrassing. I understand this is all somewhat new. I am eager to see improvements on the deliverable end.

Regards, Brian

I second this. When I make my client a drone video I just use an unlisted Youtube link. There needs to be an option as simple as that.

Agree, this should be more streamlined. We’re working to improve this. Hopefully this quarter.

Hi guys. I am trying to nail down a client and I was wondering if the sharing options have changed to allow annotations if not signed up with DD?

As far as I know no…I dont use DD I moved on to a different mapping service.

Hi James, Can you comment on this added feature?
The whole process of requiring sign up, login in order to view shared map to access all map features and annotations has not been functional for us. I’ve had numerous complaints from those I’ve shared with and I’ve spent time resharing, testing, and trying to problem-solve. I have paid account and service and my opinion is: I sign up… my clients shouldn’t have to. Nobody wants additional accounts and logins that they don’t frequently use.

When can we expect these new sharing options? Thank you.

Hi Marshall,

We’re targeting release at the very end of June - 5 weeks. We’ll make sure to tell everyone when it arrives.


Came here to say this is the main reason I will not pay for a subscription to DD again, can’t wait to see if it changes. We’re more than half of the way through July now and it still has not changed though. It is pretty unprofessional and clumsy to require a client paying me for a service to have to log in to a website they may or may not use again.

Did you see the latest product updates?

This feature is working great for me. Thank you!

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That’s great to hear! Appreciate your update. :slight_smile: