Sharing maps with clients


Hi everyone,
Just wondering when the change to how clients see your maps was made. My clients have just emailed me saying when they get the link to the maps it asks them to create a free DD account.
Is the old way of clicking on the map link no longer available.
Any help on what others do would be great as I really want the most professional look for my clients as of course they are the ones paying for our service.


Hi @hydrochris,

Have you taken a look at Publicly sharing with non-DroneDeploy users in our Data Sharing support page?



Sorted now, thanks for the link. I still notice that I don’t get the copy link option come up on my map when viewing them on my iMac version but it does show up on my iPad, is it only available on IOS devices not desktop.



Hi @hydrochris,

Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you click the share button on your map on the desktop version?

Keep me posted,


Hi Christina,
I hope you can see the screenshot. All I get is the long string which is attached to the link but no copy link option.
I have tried to expand the tab to see if the copy link is off the end of the link but nothing.
It could be user error of course.

Thanks for your help so far.


Hi @hydrochris,

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re describing. Are you unable to click the share link to copy it? There is no additional button to copy this link.

Keep me posted,


Hi Christina,
Sorry , what i mean is on the iPad you get in blue writing ‘copy link’ and when clicked on it says sent to your clipboard.
On the desktop version you click on share and the line of the link gets a blue line under the http.// but it doesn’t seem to then paste into my email to my client.



Hi @hydrochris,

Have you tried the following?

  1. Updating your browser
  2. Logging out and back into your DroneDeploy account
  3. Clearing the cache on your browser

Also, does this issue persist with all of your maps or just a select few? If it’s only occurring with a few, please share the names of these maps as well as the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account so I can look into this.



Are you using Safari on Desktop? Safari doesn’t allow us to have a button which will copy something to your clipboard so there is no button on Safari. You just have to highlight and copy. If you’re on Chrome it could be something else.


Yes I do use safari. You might be onto something there. I will try using Chrome tonight.
Cheers for the tip.


Well you were right. As soon as I logged in with chrome and clicked on share, the copy link option showed up. Thanks so much for your help.
Funny that Mac/IOS is more stable for mapping etc with DD, yet Safari which is Apples web browser is not reliable to use?


I have experienced the same thing. And yes they (DD) did change the customer way. In the beginning they required our customers to become a free user. Then DD took that off at some of our requests, and have now put it back on as a requirement by our customers that they create an account. I am not sure that I will continue with DD if they continue to not address our concerns as Drone Service providers rather than construction companies.


Hi @Michael_Nevins,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by putting this back on as a requirement. You can absolutely share a map with a non-DroneDeploy user and they do not need to create an account to access the map. I suggest taking a look at the Give Clients View-only Map Access to Clients That Don’t Have a DroneDeploy Account section of our Product Release Wrap-up July 2017 blog.



Hi @hydrochris,

We generally recommend our users to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when they’re using a desktop. We have some bit of info on our Web Performance on support page.



Within the context of the discussion, customers are required to sign up for a free account in order to use the tools. It did not used to be this way. Hydrochris is correct.


Hi @Michael_Nevins thanks for your feedback. I want to clarify the difference between the sharing options and what has changed:

Old way:
-Public share link shared 1 of 4 layers, did not give access to any annotations
-Sharing with a DroneDeploy user gave them access to view all 4 layers and annotations

New way:
-Public share link allows the end recipient to view all 4 data layers, and see annotations and existing exports.
-Sharing with a DroneDeploy user gives them access to add comments as an editor. You must enter their email and invite them as an editor to enact this as an option.


Yes, I have invited customers, but in order to use the tools, they currently must sign up for a free account. That’s the issue. It did not used to be that way. I went through this back in June of this year for the same problem. Annotations are one thing, however being able to use the tools is another. If you were to take a pull of current users, they would say the same thing that I and others are. They want their customers to be able to use the “Tools” without having to sign up with DD.


Can you clarify which tools you are referring to here, @Michael_Nevins?


Of course. Tools we use like volume, measure, location, area. These are the tools I am referring to. Hope this helps.


Gotcha, thanks. You’re correct that we do require login to utilize these features. This is because:

-sharing a link and allowing annotations (measurements, etc) means anyone who gets the link could make notes on it, and those would transfer to the map. E.g. you make a map and you share it with a client. The client shares it with their others, who are able to crop, add notes, etc, without your permission as the original owner. The intentions of the data owner (you, as the creator of the map) are not respected. There is no way to restrict what happens to the map. The vast majority of our users want to keep a level of control on their data.
-Notes need to be attributed to a user in order to be stored in our system.

I hope this helps explain our intentions, and we appreciate the feedback!