Sharing maps with clients


Hi Christina,
Thanks for all your help on this subject. Most of my clients have since had success once switching to chrome, but the problem I encountered on Monday was sharing a link to a company who use Microsoft office therefore they are locked in with Internet Explorer. I have also found recently that most Government Agencies in New Zealand use Microsoft Office and I therefore cannot share maps to them to show what I can map for them with them as potential clients also.

I agree that internet explorer is unstable and archaic and has not kept up with modern web design.

It’s hard when you can’t help what companies IT departments choose and lockdown.

Just thought I would share my experiences so far.



Users that are shared with should be able to use all the tools, but they will still need a free account in order to do this. There is currently a bug that is being fixed in our next release that prevents this. They only need a free account in order to do this. The public share which allows people to view the map without an account doesn’t allow adding annotations, volume, etc.


Just to clarify. If I as a pro user share a map to a client who signs up for a free account, that client will be able to use Annotation & Measurements on the maps I create? Thanks.


Hi @AA_A_I,

Yep, they will be able to see the Annotations and Measurements but they will not be able to add or edit them.



Oh. So if I, as a Pro user create a map for a client and that client wants to use the tools to make measurements on the map that I’m already paying a subscription for, that client will also need to pay for a monthly subscription? That is a very difficult business model in my opinion. I have to not only try sell a client my services but try to sell them your services as well? I’m not sure I understand this correctly. Can you clarify for me? If I as a Pro subscriber create a map for a client, what does that client need to do to be able to use that map, including making measurements. Thank you.


Hi @AA_A_I,

If another user wants to collaborate on a map with you (such as adding annotations or making edits), they will need to be a paying DroneDeploy user. These features are only available for paying members, and thus would not be fair to share with users who are not subscribed to our product monthly or annually.