Sharing with Clients

Hello!! I have processed a map and Im trying to show it to a client. If i invite them with a folder, it asks them to sign up for drone deploy. How long is that account good for to view the project I did? Only for the trial or as long as I keep sending them to join? There may be a lot of projects that I have to send them. I want them to be able to interact with the map. Whats the best way to approach this? Its my account and want them to be able to access project without paying for drone deploy. Im the managing the account. thanks


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For them to be able to edit maps the map would have to be on their account or you would have to have an Enterprise account and be able to invite them to the project with editing rights.

Thanks for responding. This is for a roof inspection for a large building. They don’t need to edit the maps. Im going to create the map and they just need to look at my notes and the inspection up close. What they want is to be have an interactive report where there is a map and they can click on the photo to get a closer look. Like i said it would be my account and i would share it with them. Can they export that map with the photo links on it?

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Gotcha, I misunderstood “interact with” and thought editing was implied. In that case all you have to do is send them the view-only links with which they don’t have to login. Unfortunately view-only links cannot see the media markers. Just the Map with Overlays and Model. We are on an Enterprise account so we have some of our clients create a free account and add them as essentially a view-only user to the Organization by which they can see everything. They just can’t edit or make measurements. There is a new Analyst role for that, but DD has chosen to make that an additional cost feature…

What we do is create a repository of internet shortcuts of the view-only links with the display names being the name of the project instead of the URL. We then share the folder of the links with them on OneDrive, Google Drive or whatever platform that client prefers. The folder also contains PDF’s of some of the data like Progress/Volume reports and a CAD overlay. If you have previously exported the data they can download it. The link is at the top instead of the bottom, but we prefer the repository over them having to download because they can already have it sync’d to their computers as we upload it. It is a little more work on our end, but alleviates a good amount of potential work versus many clients interacting with the internet. Most of these clients are not capable of handling raw data. The ones that are get invited to the organization.

We had essentially the same questions. We have a new government client that has 21 separate industrial facilities that we collect data for property tax purposes. I tried to figure out a good way to deliver the progress photos, videos, and even 3-d models but ultimately I thought it was best to make the leap to Enterprise and add an additional Analyst role like MichaelL mentioned. Making the jump from a single business license to enterprise is a tough pill to swallow but I had to look at the future ROI. I know our client talks to surrounding areas and these are potential new contracts in 2021. Giving them the ability to view the models and all annotations is giving them the Cadillac when our competition only gives them a few pieces of black and white paper.

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Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little or hopefully more than a little return. I think when you have clients like that it’s a no-brainer to ensure delivery of a top-notch professional product. A client like that can lead to a lot of other business as well. Kudos to your program!

Hi Kevin,

before sending your client the simple share link of your map, you might try to do the following:

  1. crop your map down to the essential borders (actual object, privacy rules etc.)
  2. export a hires 2D ortho map that would fit your clients needs most (e.g. web-jpeg or geo-tiff)
  3. ad annotations (e.g. your hints or advices)
  4. view or generate the report (comes with adding annotations).

By doing these four steps your client can use the simple share link - beyond just viewing the map - as follows:
a) he can download your hires map via “Export”-button (Exports)
b) he can view the annotations report via “Export”-button (Reports)
The “Report” can be viewed online only, but your client can zoom in up to max. resolution by double-clicking the respective annotation markers.