Sharing a map

Hi - I have a pro account, and am trying to share a map with a colleague. If I send him the view-only link, he gets an error message saying “Lost in the Clouds - the page may be private or may be removed.” Then he clicks return to dashboard, and sees the project - when he clicks on it, he is told he needs a paid account to view.
Is the view-only link supposed to work for a pro-account’s guest?

Separately, I’ve added him to the project team, and I see him showing as a project team member, but he can’t access.
Is a pro-account supposed to be able to add team members to specific accounts?

You went through the left menu and Share from the bottom? There is an option to add someone and a separately link for the view-only. Allot of people make the mistake of just copying within the address bar and you get that exact message.

I wasn’t aware that a Pro account could have team members… Has he set up his own DroneDeploy account?

Yes — I did try to share view only the right way.

Separately, Pro accounts can’t have organizations, but I seem to be allowed to add people to a “project team” – except that they can’t see the map. Maybe it’s not supposed to work – but how do I fix the “view link” problem?

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PM’d you. We can test with my free account.

I was able to view the 2D Map with annotations and the 3D Model without logging in. Make sure your colleague tries it making sure they are not logged in and we’ll see what it does.

I noticed some images at the beginning and in between batteries that appeared to be from the drone checkshot on the ground. Make sure to remove those in the future. I think you have enough images in this set that they probably don’t hurt the point cloud too much. Just an fyi.

I thought I had read in the DD documents somewhere that the algorithms use the check shots and they should be included. Is that not the case? Also true for 360’s?

Also have a pro account and also have had this issue multiple times. Would be really nice if DD would add a simple, no-login, shareable link that you don’t have to dig for, even if it had the absolute minimum viewing capabilities.

The ground check shots are just to test the functionality of the camera as part of the preflight check list. The 0 pitch images taken as part of a 360 pano should not be used, but the 2nd and 3rd rows and the nadirs can be. You probably don’t even want the 2nd and 3rd rows if you are doing a nadir map.

This is the intended functionality of the view-only link so it is something that you all need to email support about so they can figure out why it is not working. Like I said before the only time I have seen a lost in the cloud error is when someone copied the address bar instead of getting the link or if the information was shared too quickly. This happens to me sometimes when I get the notification that the map is done and I click on the link immediately. It’s like there’s a lag or my browser just needed to be refreshed.