Sharing map with others

I wrote in another section of the forum but no answer.

i tried to look for similar topic but couldn’t find one so im writing here:

i need help with sharing maps with users on droneedploy.

I have a folder with maps that i have shared to some of my colleagues
(click share on the folder settings and type out my colleagues mails).
My account is paid, their accounts are not paid.

What I experience is 9 out of 10 people that go to open any of the shared maps in that folder the system gives them error saying they dont have permission so see the map. 1 out of those 10 can access any map and do what i can do too, but after couple times they receive the same error and cannot open the map anymore.

Is that normal? Can non-paid accounts be shared maps from paid accounts and be able to freely access the map?

Any advice will be appreciated

Thank you

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It is my understanding that if you want to share with someone that does not have a DP account then you would use the share link option. They can look at the map, take measurements and volume etc but cannot change the map. Sharing to team members with an email requires a higher subscription level I believe which is little guys have a hard time affording. Wish they would do something to help us out with that.

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StockbridgeDS is correct.

To share an entire folder, either you need a Team / Enterprise plan, or you can share individual map links.