DD Manual Flight REFLY?

Good day Everyone,

Ive just completed some testing with the Drone deploy APP. Is is possible to fly a manual mission (Photos, Videos and Panoramas) and then have the Drone deploy app be able to recreate what youve just captured manually on another day? Exact same pictures, and videos / Panos?

Or is there a different app that does that? I am going to a site tomorrow with having to captures multiples angles of photos and videos for a BEFORE project and having to do an AFTER project at a later date after construction (before and after photos and videos)

I am not familiar with the topography of the sites as its far away and won’t be able to create a mission until Im there. Any recommendations as to how to proceed to be able to create an after product with photos and videos from the exact same angles as what I will capture tomorrow?


Hi David. I’m not sure how this one slipped by. There’s no way to hit record, but you can plan as you fly then at a later date daisy-chain all those missions together to make one seamless flight. The main issues that I can see off the top of my head are the facts that DroneDeploy’s Progress Photo flight is very limited in that it can only fly at one altitude and look at one POI but also that you don’t have much control of the drone’s route in between the missions as you rerun it. That is unless you pause the mission, manually fly to the next sub-flight and resume.

This is a scenario where I would probably use Litchi. While it doesn’t record either you can control every aspect of each waypoint and can make one continuous flow of waypoints with actions at each. DroneHarmony is the only app that I am aware of that claims this kind of functionality, but I have not personally used it. What I would like to know is if it can record and refly are those missions editable or do you have to re-record an entire flight. With Litchi they are editable.