Camera Test Fail with DJI Mini 2

I’m on a 2 week trial for Drone Deploy and its not going so well!
Ive tried everything and I cant get the pre flight checklist to pass the camera test. The camera works perfectly in other apps.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

It’s not compatible with DroneDeploy at this time but if enough people show interest they will look at it like they did with the Mavic Air 2. Still no luck on my Air 2S but Dronelink has been pretty good for mapping. It is modular wysiwyg planning which takes a minute to get use to but once you’ve done a couple it’s not too bad. I would recommend you grab a copy of Litchi regardless. It doesn’t map but is very granular in planning and much easier than Dronelink for the non-mapping flights.

Thanks for the info. Will definitely look into that, I’m a beginner and got the mini 2 just for fun. Now I’m trying to get deeper into everything.

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Support seems so close after they updated the SDK to the latest version that supports the Mini 2. Today I tried and ran into the same camera test fail. Was hoping the SDK update was the only thing holding us back…

They confirmed they are aiming for summer so lets hope it’s around the corner…


Sad that mini 2 still does not work in DroneDeploy, will have to stick with DroneLink + WebODM

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