Today was a disaster!

Flying Inspire 2

Started off after compass calibration.
Got week single connection error (3 times) once corrected the error message would not clear from my iPad.
Shut everything down, started over. same thing. Went to DJI app, all is well, 14 satellites, full bars on transmitter, full batteries. Shut down again.
Upon power up everything seemed to work, started preflight, got camera will not focus. Went to DJI app, camera focused fine. Another restart, finally got to do mapping.

Set up four pano’s, Drone started pano’s but locked up camera, go figure. Ended up doing the pano’s manually in DJI.
To me it seems DD doesn’t support the Inspire 2 very well. I couldn’t find anywhere where I could lock the camera into FPV on DD. Litchi allows you to lock the camera on the Inspire 2.

Needless to say I’m not happy with DD.

Richard Perry

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