DJI Mini 2 Support

DJi Mini 2 is now available for purchase.

So many people will want to use it for mapping too.
So when will it be possible to use with drone deploy?
When will you support It?
Thank you!

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Considering it took DJI almost nine months to release the SDK support for the first Mavic Mini so that drone flight software vendors could integrate its unlikely that the Mini 2 is going to be supported anytime soon. Neither DroneDeploy or Pix4D have had any interest in supporting the original and even Litchi which supported the Spark, which was completely unworthy of mapping, just released support for the original Mini about a week ago. It takes quite a bit of time, resources and testing before a drone can be fully supported. Neither drone has obstacle avoidance which may have something to do with it so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is denied support.

Hello! The SDK is already released. When Drone Deploy will support Mini 2? Tks

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The Mini 2 SDK has not been released and is not anticipated before Q2 of 2021. The Mavic Mini 1 SDK is what got released and it did not include waypoint use so autonomous mapping flight solutions will not be supporting it until that happens.