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I don’t like to plan a set of Pano pictures based off of google maps from Drone Deploy. I like to go out and fly and see what the land/river we want to keep an eye on looks like from the air. So, I take off and see what the best view is and take the pano shot that we want. Now here is my problem. I want to repeat that same pano in the next couple of weeks, months and years with Drone Deploy. How do you go about saving that exact spot in a flight so you can go in and plan that pano flight?
Thanks for any tips on this.

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Use Manual Flight to the vantage point, open DroneDeploy and then create a new flight plan.

So, you can create a flight plan while you are in the air? I have never done that. Please explain to me how you do that.

If you use Litchi you can record waypoints and/or POIs at aircraft location during your flight to be repeated later.

Yes you can manually fly with the flight planning screen for the Pano up in DroneDeploy and place a pin and give it the settings. Save that plan, move to the next spot and create another.

I am not a big fan of the Litchi’s Pano function. I have used it several times. I love DD pano function for what I am trying to do.

Thanks for the info Michael, I never knew you could do this with DD. Placing Pins and pre planning photo areas. I will really have to do some research on this. Would you happen to know if there is a link to a tutorial to what you are explaining?

Fair enough. I generally collect pano images manually but often use Litchi waypoints to put me on the mark for repeat projects. Sounds like you are happy with DD’s implementation so Michael’s workflow should work for you.

I actually really like Litchi’s pano. It’s totally configurable and you can control the camera settings. Neither of which you can do with DroneDeploy. Although theirs has gotten a ton better than what it was when it first came out. Now that you can run it in the manual interface during or after a flight I don’t have to change apps which is the end goal.

I would have to relook the Litchi program.


It is very good, but being able to do it in DroneDeploy is even better now. It’s starting to get pretty windy here, but i’ll try to catch a break and do a screen record a little later.

MichaelL I played around with DD tonight and couldn’t find a way to place a pin. I am using an Ipad, but where do you and how do you place a pin?

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While in the flight interface there are buttons to the right hand side next to the shutter four pictures, video and 360 pano.

In my flight interface, I have the shutter button, and only three options. Photo, Video, 360 pano.
I have no option to place a pin for reference to come back to for “Planing a Flight”. Now I have the Pro subscription not the Business. Would that make a difference? The ability to place a pin and later use that pin location to do Flight planing would be great.


You know what, you are 100% right, my bad. I usually do the pano on-the-fly-knowing the location by a horizontal landmark and I always use 250ft AGL. I still think you could go into the planning interface by jumping out and in of DD if after a normal flight, see your drone’s location on the map and pin it there. I agree, that would be a great function including other map plans in the manual flight interface.

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