Hello from Nebraska

I am looking at using Dronedeploy for some Time Lapse photography work along one of our rivers here in Nebraska.
What I am looking at doing is planning a flight and setting up points on the map to take the same picture from the same spot including camera angle every day.
I just downloaded DD and I am messing around with it, but it seems that I can’t adjust each spot as far as height and camera angle. It looks like I have to use the same camera angle and height for every shot.
Maybe DroneDeploy isn’t what I am looking for???

Hey @Beckman77!

The closest thing we have to that is the Progress Report which I have been discussing with you on the other thread. Have you checked out our support documentation on the subject? You should be able to change the flight altitude and adjust tilt of the camera to your point of interest:


You are correct though in that the angle and height will not be changeable within one report. You would have to do separate ones to do this. I can certainly pass this one as a feature request though! Please let us know if you need any more help on this!

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