Continue Mission iOS App

So I have attempted to “continue mission” with the new iOS app and Phantom 3 Pro. I am mapping a large area and when I bring the drone in for a battery change and attempt to relaunch by selecting the white arrow. There is no option to Continue Mission or any dotted lines showing previous mission status. When I relaunch it just makes a copy of the previous mission. Any ideas of how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

When you fly a mission, do you keep dronedeploy open for
The entire flight?

I’m having the same problem

Good Morning Everyone,

Have an issue with the continuing flight. Mapping a large area for the Nature Conservancy (approximately 200 acres). Start the flight and when the first battery is getting low, I plan on touching the “Home” icon as close to the launch area as possible to save battery on the next launch. However, each time I do this, the UAV comes home, I change battery, the dotted lines showing where I have been are not there but the remainder of the flight is visible. I launch after the battery change and the UAV does not start at the point where I engaged the “Go Home” icon but to the farthest point of the last line started. In the end, I come up with many more photos than needed and using more batteries than anticipated. Is anyone having the same issue and if so, have you solved the issue and how did you solve it? Thanks for your time and have a safe flight day today!!!

Continue mission has always been this way. We only keep track of the last waypoint that was achieved. In order to cover the entire line it will fly back to the last waypoint it successfully hit.