Dronedeploy incorrectly resumed a multi battery mission, missing images for a whole stretch

I flew a large multi battery mission, when the plane landed and I resumed the mission.the drone skipped a couple of lines and resumed the mission. You can see the image and see that the flight path is incorrect.

What are the possible causes for this?

I was using a Phantom 3 Pro and an ipad mini4.


I don’t think you are the first to experience this, have you seen this post?

Hi Nihalm,

Did you initiate return to home using the in-app home button? It appears that the last flown waypoint was saved off by 1.

When mapping large areas it is always a good idea to check the image locations before leaving the site to make sure you have all of the data you need. The easiest way to do this is beginning upload on a laptop so you can see all of the images plotted over the basemap.

There are some good pointers for succeeding with large mapping missions here


The post said that the issue was fixed in the latest version. I was using the latest version of the app. Has this error cropped up again?

I initiated the return to home by pressing the button on the app not the controller.

I also noticed this just recently. There is something wrong in the flight paths above the missing sections as well. The section above the missing stretch should’ve resumed and aborted at the same point. The second flight/mission started two lanes below the end of the first flight. And a total of two lanes are missing in the entire project. Why is that? Coincidence?

Hi Nihalm,

Thanks for your reply - this is quite interesting. If you don’t mind, can you please email us at support@dronedeploy.com and mention:

  1. this forum post
  2. the name of your flight

We’d be happy to dive deeper on this and see if we can gain any insight from checking your mobile flight logs!

Thanks in advance,