Can't continue mission after battery change

After flying a mission and needing to change batteries out it does not give the option to continue. This has happen 3 different times, never been able to continue a mission.

Latest app as of yesterday, Inspire 1.

Thanks in advance

Tried the same mission on Phantom 4 and it worked perfect after power up.

Note: P4 also Auto took off and landed fine.

Can you give me the exact steps you go through in order to continue a mission?

Set mission.
start, it checks out, take off and flies it.
when battery gets to around 30% we have it RTH
Change battery
Restart app (first time we didn’t and nothing happened)
It no longer shows the white line of mission it already flew and it starts over.

We did a few small test flights today to test it. We would do RTH halfway thru, power off , power on etc. Inspire will not do it. Same mission with P4 and it worked flawless, gave option to continue etc.

Inspire firmware:
GoApp 2.7.1
RC 1.5.80
Camera X3
Newest DD app

After you restart the app, do you click on the white right arrow button to select an older mission? It should show a dotted line where the drone already flew. Then when you select it, you should get the option to continue or restart the mission.

Yes, not there, not showing with Inspire.
With P4 it shows all that and gives option to continue

I had the same problem with my P3 pro. Mission broke off in the middle. Landed aircraft, changed battery and tried to continue but the program would not accept continuing the mission.
I have the latest firmware and software on all devices.
Also, on my first mission, the drone came to a midair stop after starting the route. I was flying over water when it suddenly stopped and started hovering. After about 3 minutes I hit the return to home button.

I have found a workaround for out Inspire. After powering the Inspire down. The TX has to be turned off also and any and ALL apps have to be closed (the history on iOS).
Then after powering back up it does take the DD app a few times to find the “old” mission (dotted line of previous flight).

The Phantom 4 has zero issue doing the same mission. So that leads us to believe its the version of the DJI GO App and its interaction with 3rd party apps like the DD. Hoping that the newest firmware to be released fro DJI will take all this into account and make this a smooth transition on the Inspire.

I experience this same thing today with the P4. No dotted line after the first leg of a large map, so no option to continue the mission. It just wants to start over again. The ‘continue’ mission option was working fine last week, so I am going to assume that it is the DJI Go app update that is throwing it off.

Let us know how it goes. Make sure to try to keep a connection during the flight if possible.

I’ve been trying real hard to maintain the connection during a flight, but that has been real trouble lately. Even the flights that are only 1/2 mile or so farthest distance are dropping. First the telemetry goes on the aircraft position, and if I’m lucky that’s all. However, many times I am getting the re-connecting black screen and then it never re-connects when that shows up. The P4 always completes the mission to the best of its capacity (battery) and comes back when recalled, but it sure has a hard time remembering the parts that it has already flown. Also, DD return home seems to be not functioning, so recalling the P4 involves interrupting with flight mode A and then DJI return home button.

We have a plan to try to improve this by letting the user specify which waypoints it hit while flying, but we aren’t sure of a much better way since the connection is actually lost during the flight.

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I’ve been having exactly the same experience as mikefrey with my P4. It was working well a week or two ago but not anymore.

I flew a big mission last week. First battery change. I didn’t really know what to do. I powered down the aircraft and swapped batteries. I did not exit the app or turn off remote. I don’t recall what I did, but the bird finally took off and continued the mission. I was pleased as punch even though I didn’t really know how I did it. Back at the office, though, I have noticed it did not take pictures after the battery change. Bummer. I wish there was a “Continue Mission” button or something. Or, if there is, I’ve not been able to find it.

I believe the correct procedure is to change out the battery, exit the app and then bring everything up as if you had just arrived. Then navigate back to the mission using the ‘Older’ on mission selection and you will see the part you completed with a dotted line. When you click the checkmark, it will ask if you want to continue or start over. That’s how I remember it.