Checklist all green, no take off

Try to tap fly & it Says way points not downloaded yet?

Welcome to dronedeploy. I’d say half of my 20 or so attempted missions so far result in errors at the start. My biggest problem is hitting the takeoff button and having the app fail to “enter” the mission and begin capturing data, even though the UAV is off and on its course. This happens across all my drones and both iPhone and iPad. This app is beyond frustrating and wastes precious battery life way too often.

Hi Kemani_Bandy,

When your waypoints are not being sent to the RC, this is a bit like a failed text message. Could you tell me which drone and mobile device you are using?

Best practice is to have the most updated drone firmware and app.

This is odd. So you’re saying you hit takeoff and the drone flys, but he screen is stuck on the checklist screen basically?

Yup it happens all the time

ok. I might reach out over PM to see if we can help debug with you a bit more. Going to see if we can have some of our test engineers reproduce this first.

Here’s what I have done and it seems to have fixed the problem altogether. I reboot the device I’m using to fly the mission, in my case usually my I phone. I start all Drone Deploy missions with a clean chip. If I’m going to use oblique shots, I do them after the DD mission, not before. I had several fails before I started this process and none since.

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I’m using the P4pro & Samsung Tablet. It did it again today. Planned the flight saved it and hit the fly button, the checks turned green, and then a blue check appeared. Tapped that and kept getting msg Way points not uploaded yet???

Hi Kemani,

I am passing this onto our product team to take a closer look. Could you verify which Samsung Tablet you are using?

I also checks the logs for your account and noticed that your memory was running low on your tablet. We received a log of “Android OS Low memory notification.” This could possibly mean that you had too many apps running during flight or your physical memory is low. Freeing up your memory could potentially resolve this issue.

To eliminate any causes from your mobile device and drone, using the most updated software on your mobile device and firmware on your drone can resolve most known issues. A reboot of both devices can also help clear out any issues.

Tab A 10.1 & thanks for the help really frustrating!

It did it again today! Have about 5 plans saved & was only able to fly one mission! To top it off the FPV screen did NOT come on the entire flight. So not good! All the other flights had a flashing circle on the way points with all other green lights checked.Mind you all flights said available offline too??? I have the latest version, restarted bird, RC, & tablet many times to no avail!

Hi @Kemani_Bandy ,

Our product team has been trying to reproduce this issue but we have not had any luck. Could you try using another mobile device to fly, to see if the problem follows?
We are still trying hard to reproduce the issue on our end. The above test will help us narrow down the issue.

Thank you,

Hi @Kemani_Bandy,

I just got word from our product team on this issue. When you receive the message “Waypoints not downloaded yet,” if you wait a few seconds, you will be able to fly. Our product team was able to reproduce the issue and by waiting a moment, the message goes away and you are able to resume flight. You may have to wait up to 30 seconds.

We are investigating the reason behind this, so we can push a permanent fix.

OK I’ll try it again 2day, but I’m pretty sure I’ve waited at least 1 or 2 mins before.