Waypoints failing

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How do I get the waypoints to work?

Can’t seem to add a photo

I updated it so you can add a photo.

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Which drone are you using?

It is the DJI phantom four

what flight mode did you have it set to?

I got that message also yesterday but it was because I switched out of P mode to land and forgot to put it back. As soon as I switched it back it went away and all was ok.

I had it at P. I think I might have found the problem. When looking on the GO app to check that the multi mode switch was on I realised that the firmware now does need updated. Don’t know how it worked on the Samsung with out it am confused. But tomorrow I am getting hold of the cable to update it and fingers crossed that solve the problem.
Thanks for the help guys.

Let us know how it goes!

Safe Flying!

DD is adding a much better firmware check soon so you shouldn’t run into this in the future.

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