Cant get past camera test

I’ve done everything possible, and read all information and Faqs’, but I just cannot get past the test photo to start a mission. I have everything working in both the DJI go app, and Litchi. I format, I take test photo with the go app etc… everythingelse is working. I have the latest firmware (P3 adv.) and I’m right outside my house, ie. I have both wifi and 4G connection to internet. I’m using the android version on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

any help appreciated?

sent you an invite to the latest Android app that is coming out soon.

Awesome, I’ll give that a go!

Try a different SIM card. I had the same issue and that fixed it for me

I’m running a p3 with a Samsung s5 all the latest firmware and apps.

I too had the app hang up on the test camera checkpoint but found a solutuon. I figured out that a blank sd card without the dcim files folder structure written to the card would the majority of the time hang things up.

Solution is to kill all apps on the tablet to free up the usb connecton on the tablet…start up the DJI GO app and take one photo. In writing that it will create the file structure the DD app needs to get past the camera check. Then exit the DJI GO app to free up the usb port again and then start DD. Should work.

Also…you can put the sd card in a majority of digital cameras and use it the same way…

Would be nice if the app had a format card function…maybe one that created the file folders too.

Keep up the good work guys.