Can't downgrade fw from

Hi, I was already running WM610_FW_V01.04.00.10.bin on my Inspire 1, when I tried to install the recommended firmware for DD, which is currently WM610_FW_V01.04.00.06.bin. It’s refusing to upgrade, because it’s a downgrade (see below). What’s the solution here? I’d be sad if I had to just sit on my hands until the DD v10 issues are fixed.

========== 2014.01.01 00:00:03 remo-con disconnect======
Packet: WM610_FW_V01.04.00.06.bin
Result: Abort.
The current firmware does not support downgrade. Use a different version of firmware to downgrade the target version.

Correct. You can’t Downgrade. DJI limitation, I’m afraid. See this thread
There are a couple of options. If you want to use DD for mission planning and image processing you’ll need one of the ADKs for…or you can wait until all the issues with the ADKs are ironed out. Alternatively, if you only want to try Map Engine for now then you can fly the mission through another means and upload the imagery to Map Engine.

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We have an APK of the release we will be sending out soon here:

thanks for the quick reply and good info! I got the new APK and flew my first mission! can’t wait to play with it more!