Camera skew

Photos from a recent P4 flight were not square to the flight path. Flight path was SW/NE while the photos were orientated in a N/S direction. That is, the P4 was orientated 45 degrees to its flight path. There was a 5 to 8 mph wind at the time and I don’t know if the P4 alters its orientation for wind correction.

I let DD set all mission parameters - overlap, height, speed, and so forth. I’m using Android mobile version 2.66.0

Did I miss a setting? Should I force only N/S or E/W flight paths? Is wind the issue?


You should be able to fly in any direction.
Winds aloft may be higher than on the ground so that may have affected it.
See if it happens regularly.

Was this a normal flight plan? Was the heading of the bird north? Or was it one of the other add-on modes? I have seen the program occasionally fly headless mode in 3D, Site Prog and Terrain Following. All are beta so it is of no consequence.