Camera or P4 running at a slight angle

So I have noticed that either the camera or the phantom is running at a slight angle. So if my line is at 90 degrees and I’m flying down a path the pictures are being taken as if the P4 is rotated 3-5 degrees it will still fly the straight 90 degrees. Could this be an issue for getting a successful map to sticH my success rate the last month has been 2 of 10 :frowning: or how do I solve this

You might want to recalibrate your IMU on the drone.

Usually stitching is better with higher latitudes and overlaps.
As the growing season progresses, the canopy fills in and everything begins to look very homogeneous (all the same). Also the taller crops blow more in the wind making alignment more difficult. This makes it necessary to fly higher so more shared reference features are in each image to align and stitch with. We would suggest flying at 375 - 400 feet (100 - 120m) with 80/80 overlaps over most crops to assist in better stitching.

Can’t remember, but there may be a Gimbal Calibration option in DJI GO. I think there is one for Mavic, so I suspect P4 would also have it.