P3S Camera not Rotating

When I start a flight on my phantom 3 standard, the camera faces forward and will not rotate down. If I try to manually rotate the camera it immediately rotates to 90 degrees forward as soon as I release the tilt control. I am using a Moto G4 Play, and I have the latest version of DroneDeploy and Android, as well as the newest firmware for the Phantom 3 Standard. Thanks!

Are you completely up to date with your firmwares?

Yes, I have updated everything. I also tried changing my starting point to be right next to me, but the same problem occurred.

I’d try and recycle power on everything including the tablet.

Had this same issue with a P3S today. Inspect your gimble, mine was tweaked from a crash last year and the flat cable was contacting the back of the camera, not letting it down. I used a small screw driver to flip it up and out of the way. Try setting your gimble facing all the way down with the drone on the ground, then connecting DD and flying.

Dronedeploy is not officially supporting phantom 3 standard and 4K anymore. It may still work but the support from DJI with the SDK and the reliability of the drone is very good.
Do you guys get a warning when connecting your drone about this?

I reset the power, but that didn’t seem to fix it. I think the gimbal is fine because it works when dronedeploy isn’t running but I will check to make sure. I will also see if pointing it down then starting fixes it. Thanks for the help!

I have been having the exact same problem on a P3P for the last month with no help or fix insight! It either points the camera forward, or takes no pics at all!

I had this issue pop up again today, so evidently its not just a gmible problem. Even when starting with the camera pointed down, DD rotates the camera forward when it reaches altitude, then keeps the camera pointing ahead, even when manually adjusting (in any mode.)

I was originally using a plan that I made on a desktop with an imported boundary. When I created a new flight plan in the field and flew that, DD pointed the camera down! BUT for some reason my video feed on the app never loaded and there was no image counter. I didn’t think that it had worked, so I loaded the data card to check, and the images from that new flight are all good.

I do not get a warning.

Is this issue P3S specific? What functionality can we expect to lose with a P3S as its not officially supported by DD?

You can expect to lose all functionality. P3S will upload the waypoints just fine but when it comes to the mission, since it doesn’t use light bridge, it will fail in the photo capture process.

I’ll double check why the warning is not showing up.