3d rendering wont stay loaded in dashbord

Hello guys,

Very peculiar issue, when I render a map I have created in my dashboard, It renders ortho/digi/ndvi maps just fine, but when it loads a 3d image, you can view it briefly, and then the loading bar at the top goes across and when it loads all the way across, the image disappears, This was never an issue until recently and it happens on both my tablet and my desktop PC. Thank you.

Hi Prasada,

Sorry about the slow reply; sometimes we’ve noticed that the 3D models are not centered properly, in which case when it fully loads (blue bar completes), it will “disappear”. Solution (for now) is to double-click on the model, which should re-center it to be in the middle of the frame. We’re working on doing this automatically for future models. If this doesn’t work for you, if you send us a link / the name (or ID) of your map either here or in an email to support@dronedeploy.com, then we can check it out for you.

Hope that helps,