Navigating 3d Map

Just downloaded the app and used it for the first time today. First map looks great but when I click on 3d map in the browser/viewer - the axis point is in the lower 1/4 of the screen. So when I try to zoom in on the map - zoom past it. Please advise.

**Date Issue Began:7.19.18

**Drone Model: P4P

**Mobile Device Model and OS version: IPAD AIR


Hi @KCFlyer,

Are you able to provide screenshots or a video of your issue? This will help me and my team see what’s going on here.


sorry, I should have closed this out. Finally figured it out with the instructions that are on the screen when you click on ‘help’ icon. Just had to reposition the center and all was good.
thank you.

Thanks for the update @KCFlyer. Glad to hear the issue is resolved. :slight_smile: