Map Tiles Not Loading in the App

Hi Everyone-

Background map tiles are not currently loading on the app for both iOS and Android. We’re looking into it urgently.

We will post updates here:

If you click on the blue button in the top right that says “subscribe to updates,” you will receive an email alert when this is fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

This is fixed now- thanks for your patience!

Actually it was solved even before I finished reading this thread :smile:


I flew the drone today in Bengaluru, India. I did not get the map tiles appearing. Please help with resolving this! We travelled 100 km only to encounter this issue!

Hello - On 1/23/2016 7:53AM PST I am also not seeing map tiles in the app, only shows a white screen

This should be fixed now. Looks like it was an issue with our tile provider yesterday afternoon and this morning. Shouldn’t happen again.

Hello Guys,
I have been reporting quite a few problems with the DD Android app in the forum or privately via email to DD support and none of them - or others reported by other people - seem to have found their way onto this To Do list at:

The status.dronedeploy page is for breaking issues that are affecting a a large number or users. Tiles weren’t loading for anybody that day. If our servers were down, that’d be the place we would report it.