iOS App not displaying any maps at all

Having problems using the DroneDeploy iOS app, v1.5.1. Can’t seem to load any maps in the app. Is it because my part of the world is simply not covered by DroneDeploy? I’m in Hong Kong.

I’ve tried creating a new mission in the app while connected to both the Internet and the Inspire. And I’ve tried creating an offline mission on the desktop and syncing. But not luck. I simply can’t get ANY map to load in the app.

Today was my fist time using drone deploy and my second day with the Phantom 4. My IOS DroneDeply ap was pretty flaky with loading the map too… It worked 70 percent of the time.

@torture4 I up dated my iPhone’s OS and today I had better results with the map displaying.

on a relate issue is anyone having problems after updating to the new ios version? I havnt updated yet due to potential problems using Foreflight.