360 Walkthrough and the insta360 sphere

Curious to know if the 360 walkthrough could process data from the sphere that was made for the Air2s? In certain environments this might be easier than actually walking a site.

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DroneDeploy creates 360 Walkthrough using 360 video so no equirectangular images are not accepted. What do you see gaining over the standard 360 pano images in an aerial “walkthrough”? I have mounted my camera to a magnetic mount on the top of my truck or a buggy in the past.

The Sphere is a Insta360 camera that was made for the Air 2s drone. It is designed to give you the same 360 videos and block out the actual drone.

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I used to work for a company where I walked construction sites to document the progress. I actually thought of 3D printing some sort of mount to put the camera on one of my large RC trucks. If Dronedeploy can process the walkthrough path from a phone and marry it to a video, why can’t they do the same with the more accurate gps path of a drone?


With that unit I don’t see why you couldn’t. Try uploading the INSV pair and see what happens.

@Droneverse.us did you try @MichaelL 's suggestion?

I’ll give it a shot on my next site visit.
So @MichaelL what you mean is to upload the two INSV files into DD as if it were from an Insta360 1 inch camera and potentially it could work, correct?



Honestly I couldn’t tell you at this point. That’s the way it use to work but I have been using DroneDeploy Walkthrough since I switched employers a year ago so things could have changed since then.