360 Walkthrough and Android

Is there any info on when 360 walkthrough functionality will be available on android? We evaluated DroneDeploy in August of 21 and at the time it worked on android. Fast forward to this week when we finally joined Drone Deploy as a customer, only to find out android is no longer supported for 360 walks! This is a major setback. We are a construction firm and looking to roll out cameras to our superintendents, most of whom have android devices.

Does anyone know why android is no longer supported and is there a roadmap to bringing it back?

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Now that you are a DroneDeploy customer, it would be best to contact support but perhaps @Farai_Masheke could clarify?

Hi @ShiffCD I see we currently have an open Support ticket for this and will be reaching out to you on there once I receive more feedback on what happened here for better clarity.

In the meantime, for other users that might come across this forum post, I would recommend reviewing our Support documentation here if any questions relating to walkthrough support and functionality come to mind:

360 Walkthrough Documentation: https://help.dronedeploy.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004861861-360-Walkthroughs
DroneDeploy Walkthrough App Documentation: https://help.dronedeploy.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411018304919-Walkthrough-App-

With regards to device support, we only support iOS devices from our recommended and supported list for use with the DroneDeploy Walkthrough app and no android devices are supported yet. See Supported iOS iPhones here

We can however process walkthroughs captured with the Insta360 camera app and others as long as they are formatted correctly if using non-insta360 cameras which is detailed here: 360 Walkthroughs Documentation. These walks will then need to be uploaded using the desktop version of DroneDeploy.

In summary, we only support capture when using the DroneDeploy walkthrough app on iOS devices, but this does not mean you can not capture 360 walkthroughs using different devices or software but rather that the DroneDeploy walkthrough app cannot be used here.

Thanks, @MichaelL for the tag - hope you are keeping extra well!

Even though there is no Annedroids port can’t you still shoot your footage using another app and uploading to DroneDeploy? I know this is the way it started out and everything was shot in Insta360.

Likewise… I’m investigating Drone Deploy and to see that android isn’t supported is a hurdle. Can we ask as to why? yes, thanks for the summary but I can’t imagine the capturing technology being used couldn’t be transferred to the android (yes, changes but still not a milestone to do).