DroneDeploy 360 Walkthrough

Not quite sure whether this functionality is best for video walkthrough, timelapse or individual imagery shot at various ‘mapped’ waypoints ie a doorway, then at a certain point further on and so on. I would also like to combine the ‘walkthrough’ with an external video of the drone homing in on the building from a wide high shot to the point where the walkthrough starts. Is that possible? Any views on the best 360 camera? I have the Insta 360r and a Ricoh z1. I have flown both from underneath my Mavic Pro 2
Video - I have some further questions on how the 360 video is keyframed.



So far from what I have seen the I360 X2 has been the most consistent. They have the recommended modes and settings here.

Thanks MIcheal. I’ve been able to wed the insta 360r to the app on my iPad Mini and the iPad 10". But can’t test it out as the functionality isn’t on my apps ‘new project page’. I am puzzled about the use of the word video. With a 360 video you have to keyframe it before rendering, so you get a camera in a camera effect. This is difficult to replicate when you come to do a progress update. In my mind’s eye I can visualise an image by image report, so that they can be reviewed individually in true 360 fashion. To me, this would be timelapse with say a 5 sec delay between each image as you walk around the site, to produce a gallery of images that can be reviewed individually, annotated individually for issues and highlighted from the image dispaly panel on the left. Does that make sense?

Regards Paul

You can run a timelapse but the recommend interval is 1 sec or less so it doesn’t make much sense to not run video. You’re much more likely to get the right positions for alignment with video. Another reason we like video is because you can also record MP4’s of guided tours from any perspective you want including voice-overs if you want. Why capture data for one specific use when you can capture something with many uses just as easily…

I would agree, a time-lapse of 1 sec or less would produce something that would look like a throwback to a Max Sennett movie. I am trying to visualise the workflow incorporating a drone intro that highlights the building from the air then drops into the start point of the walkthrough. I have watched this youtube vid First DroneDeploy 360 Walkthrough - YouTube and as far as I can see it’s a collection of images (timelapse) taken by an individual on foot walking around the site with 360 camera mounted on the hard hat, which from a 360 point of view makes sense as you can pause and review the surroundings for issues or points of interest each 360 image by each 360 image.

An observation: I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t more info on the forums or utube for this function, or have I missed a trick and not been able to dig it out.
Thanks again

Haha, that’s our video. It was shot with video and DroneDeploy transforms it into the Google Streetview-like navigation. I think what I mentioned before about editing the video in Insta360, exporting an MP4 and editing it into your drone video might be more along the lines of what you are looking for.

Something like?

  1. Drone video half the site to the entrance door
  2. Insta360 video throughout the interior starting at the entrance door and ending at an exit or other door
  3. Drone video picking up from that door to the last half of the site

As a funny side note you should have seen how many points of reference there were the first time I put it on my truck! I think this somehow pointed to a spacing interval instead of a timelapse.

You should be able to see the individual street tracks here.
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