360 Panoramas manual alignment


I was wondering if there is a way to manually align 360 Globe Panorama’s (taken with a Mavic 3) either before or after processing?

I’ve been mapping a large construction site for months now: we use the site mapping to track progress and couple that with 360 Panorama’s around weekly POI. So far this has been fantastic, however as the construction shifts from exterior work to interior work, the 360 Panorama’s are becoming less functional due to the drone not being able to connect to any satellites while inside the structure. As such, when I try to upload the Panorama’s they either fail or show up on the map in the incorrect location (which is not surprising).

I do understand that there are other options for interior work such as HoloBuilder or even StructionSite, but is there no way to manually position the 360 Panorama’s inside DroneDeploy? I hesitate to introduce another technology into the workflow and would love if I could keep it all in DroneDeploy until StructionSite (or some other addition) is fully implemented.


The only way I can think of off the top of my head is to revise the geotags with ExifTool. A more simple interface would be GeoSetter.

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