From map to 360 streetview

Just like on Google maps where you can go from looking on top of things to 360 pano streetview mode. Is it possible to integrate 360 panoramas taken from 360 cameras into DD? Or Is it already possible?

Thanks in advance

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How are the photos formatted? Are they the tiles or are they already stitched? If stitched then no. You can view them, but they will not be interactive. If tiled then yes they will respond just like a drone 360 spherical panorama.
I requested a while back that we be able to upload a pre-stitched 360 pano (16000px/8000px) but never heard anything further.

To be honest I haven’t started using a 360 camera this was just a thought. would be really cool to be able to look at things from the ground. Going from 3d map to 360 an be able to “go” inside of buildings.

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like shown in this video!


Very cool. The rendered interior is something that probably won’t happen in DroneDeploy, but you can take 360 panos with your drone from any elevation and simulate a sort of tour leading up to the structure. Next you could take an array of still shots internally and manually with your phone or other camera and upload them as a pano and DroneDeploy will stitch them. The trouble would be accurate location, but you could use Geosetter to fine tune the geotag to exactly where you want them in relation to the building so the pin for the pano is in the right room. You would modify the geotags in the images first and then load to DroneDeploy and the pano would then show up in the correct location. Unfortunately there isn’t a touring function or the ability to compile other media in the 3D viewer as is.

Yeah I wonder how this guy (in the video) stitched everything together. Looks really smooth.

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