X5s camera settings

Can anyone provide me the best camera settings for the Zenmuse X5s being used on an M210. I get grainy images in my maps.

Hello @russhog,

I went ahead and checked your maps and can see your photos came out clear. Not sure what grainy images you were referring to. You may have been getting a little blur on your photos due to the relatively slow shutter speed. I would set the camera settings in automatic for best results. If possible I would like to see an example of the grainy photo. Grain occurs in photos due to high iso and I can see you were shooting at a low iso for the majority of your maps (around 100).


Sorry I am not referring to my photos. I have a customer using an X5s that is getting grainy photos.

Hi @russhog,

Can you share your customer’s DroneDeploy account email and the name(s) of the map(s) they’re having issues with? Feel free to send a private message to @Yusuf if you do not feel comfortable sharing this information publicly.

To send a private message, click on Yusuf’s avatar and click the blue Message button.