Zenmuse X5

Inspire Pro w Zenmuse X5. I’ve flown numerous times with no issue. However, I took my inspire out today and noticed my picture was not clear. As I got up I could see that my image streaming back to my ipad was slightly distorted and had a hazy look to it. I thought that may be just a connection issue and the actual photo would be fine. However it came back with a hazy fog look to it as well. Camera has been keep in its case in the A/C and not used by anyone else. Options for cleaning it? Hoping it’s something on the lens that can be wiped away. Also hoping someone has had a similar issue?? Starting to get worried lol

Hi Patton3, I am not familiar with the Zenmuse X5 and do not have one to test. I encourage anyone here who has/is using the camera to offer you some advise/guidance regarding this.