Worrisome app behavior when resuming mission

I just tested DD’s Resume Mission functionality for the first time, and I’m not entirely confident it’s ready to be put to use for our commercial work.

My Inspire returned successfully mid-mission for a battery change, however when I resumed the mission things got screwy. The option to resume showed up fine and the app took command of the Inspire, but the map failed to show any position or altitude changes once it was in flight. As the Inspire reached the first waypoint there was still no update in the app, and the picture-in-picture feed was transmitting video but not showing the normal black blinking leading me to believe photos were not being captured. I had no feedback regarding where the Inspire was going (to the last waypoint, or something far off in the distance on the same heading?), whether or not it was capturing data, and whether or not the app had full control.

I returned the Inspire to home again, restarted the app and everything worked normally. Until the following battery change, after which the same issues occurred (no positional or altitude updates on screen, no evidence of photos being triggered). This time I restarted the app with the Inspire mid flight and it once again resolved the problem.

I’m not a huge fan of the UX surrounding resuming missions, but that’s a separate issue. Please look into fixing this bug so at the very least telemetry data is maintained without a (nerve-wracking) app reboot.

My setup:
-DJI Inspire 1 w/ X3
-iPad Mini 2 iOS 9.3.1
-DroneDeploy 1.5.5

Sorry that happened @AerieWorks - we’re working with DJI to make maintaining that connection more reliable. Appreciate the feedback.

Same problem when trying to continue a mission the last two attempts. Does fly the mission, but telemetry data and location on map don’t update. Also photos stop. It did appear that when I clicked the photo button on the remote, they resumed taking at intervals.

Have flow with another P3 no issues, so not sure what’s up now.

P3Adv v1.8
iPad Mini 4 w/DD

Sorry to hear that. We’re completely rewriting how the flight planning and continue missions works - if you’d like to give it a shot, please fill in this form: http://goo.gl/forms/gZKV1cuvF0


Good to hear, @jono. Signed up and looking forward to trying the new app mechanics.