Still unreliable

DroneDeploy iOS ver 1.4.4 (oddly a newer ver of 1.4.4 as I now have a video preview screen where I had none before).
iPad mini 3 with iOS ver 9.2.1
Latest release version of DJI Inspire 1 firmware

finally got the weather to fly a mission yesterday, just before sunset. Took two resets of DroneDeploy to get the map tiles to load using my wifi hotspot. We need a better way of caching maps when in areas of no internet service.

immediately noticed that we now have an image preview screen! Also noticed that this screen does not give an accurate preview of the actual images being taken, i.e. exposure settings. My images were way under exposed and the white balance was way off from what I saw in the preview. I also noticed that the preview did not activate until the craft was at it’s mission altitude.

Ran two missions. I planned the second mission with the 1st battery so that I could have the full battery on the second mission. But I could find no way to save the mission for when I switched batteries! That sucked!.

Re-planned the second mission with the new battery and initiated mission. Inspire 1 took off and climbed. Through out the whole mission the craft and route showed in real-time on the iPad but two critical items were locked and frozen giving no data… the battery indicator was locked at 98% and the video preview screen was frozen on a single image taken at launch. Had to break out my 2nd remote to monitor my battery life. Real concerned about the RTH issue and did not want to trigger a RTH this far out with the issue DD reported.

I also noticed that my DD account has changed and I no longer have access to NDVI data. Why is this changing when we are still in a beta mode?

The current version available is now the full version but we are waiting for the final release in the app store. If you’re still on the pro trial you should still be seeing all of your layers. If one is missing please contact support through chat or email to see why.

There are some fixes available from DJI this week that we are hoping will help with reconnections and exposure settings. Hope to have a release out soon with those.

keep it up Chase :smile:
I would like to ask / say that on the map status on the Android version (yes finally) the check mark - the one you can start missions with is not seeable in whole. I will try to make a screenshot for you and upload it here.
another question I would like to put up is if you maybe know when europe will be implemented into the map so when I want to plan offline on my tablet I am not starting in California. :smile:

@skyml check the Inspire 1 FW. version has a bug which is known which will at times not show battery level. I had this happen once but the AC knew it and started to beep once it came to 30% so no worries here. you should anyway always monitor your flight and know an about time in air so you can act accordingly. DD is doing a great job I think. it is new and still under development so try to stay a bit more positive / constructive. I am also in the beta and also do not see the things announced which I am REALLY eager to see and test and show to potential costumers and when ordered and ready on DD side gladly pay for it.

I have tried pix4D and think it is way more complex and not so user friendly as DD. does not take a super PC or MAC to make the maps and export is really easy. Support is great I think considering the time shift I have with them and the amount of work I can imagine they have they are still kind and try to help where they can.

way to go Chase and your team. keep it up. I will send support a screenshot of my android dashboard.


no offense meant to anyone here.

edit: one more thing. would it be possible to make the hights and side and frontlaps be saved to each map and not in general? what I mean is that when I make a map and sync it and then make another one it takes the ALT of the first and when I change it for some reason it will also change in the map I made first. so changes are not individual for each map but rather global nature. would be cool to have that separated because in my case now I have different altitudes and I sometimes forgot to change / check the ALT and had to abort to change it in order to prevent damage or accident.

another one… sorry :smiley:
why can I not enter synched maps from my dashboard on my PC? I can only make a copy.

I did notice fewer updated and I really don´t mind since I know (we also develop software) that it is hard and not always smooth to program what you plan because one runs into issues which in theory are not problem or there is a known workaround which in the real world does not always work and then finding that “,” or “.” or the letter or bracket in the 1000 something lines of program language can be a pain :smiley:

I am patient and wait for it since I know you guys are fabulous and are doing a GREAT job. I invested in two inspires 9 batteries and a backpack a couple of thousand USD but compared to what you put in, my investment is probably a fraction of yours. I will try to give as much feedback as I can once weather is getting better here (today very windy with wind chills of -2 C°) so no good to stand outside and fly :smiley:
thankfully spring is at the door and with that, flying time will also increase. add to that orders I am getting in near future because of what I am capable because of your help. - love your work. you can always count on my support and feedback.


You might have noticed slightly fewer updates over the past week or two. We have most of our frontend team busy on new features and a revamped UI that should answer most of these issues such as making it easier to plan offline internationally, etc.

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