What is the "use 3rd party camera" button?

Does anyone have any ideas?

That is a great questions as I have never seen that slider before :slight_smile:

This is for people who use cameras such as slantrange, etc. it will basically tell dronedeploy not to check your DJI camera, which may not even be connected.
This setting will probably move inside of an app in the app market in the future.

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Very good!!
Tks Chasemgray

Sounds great, I am now going to strap my old school Polaroid camera to the bottom of the inspire :slight_smile: Will the vibrations from the drone affect the exposure ? :slight_smile:

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Yes just read this in the blog:

This is a great option and could be extremely useful. Is there a plan to put the variables available into DD? It would be awesome to be able to add in the parameters of an individual camera or sensor, such as field of view and then let the app take care of flight path at the requested percentage of overlap. I fly a RedEdge and I haven’t been able to find a good way to incorporate the sensor into flight planning with DD. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @markmore,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum to share your feedback. At the moment, we don’t have features like this available but I’ve taken note and passed it along to my team.


Best suggestion would be to contact Micasense and suggest they contribute the settings to DroneDeploy. Slantrange and Sentera have apps in the DroneDeploy app market for this reason