Third party camera issue

I regularly fly my M600 Pro with Micasense RedEdge multispectral camera, which is being triggered by internal GPS, so without any cable or other connection to the drone. I’ve flown many many missions with DD, enabling the “3rd party camera” option, so it won’t look for a DJI camera before the mission. Since the last update, DD won’t complete the pre-flight checklist anymore, because it’s stuck on the camera item. It keeps looking for a camera, which isn’t there of course and it just stays in that loop. What happened?

Im using the same camera and today it did not ask me about the 3rd party camera, and it would not load any satellites . Lots with DJI and on the MicaScense site but 0 loading on the screen. I also see that the drone deploy page has changed was there an update that affected this. Worked great 2 days ago