Zero Satellite Coverage using Micasense Rededge

We regularly use a Micasense Rededge multi-spec camera mounted on our DJI M600 Pro. When preparing for flight yesterday the flight-check failed due to zero satellites. DJI Go acquired 19 satellites as did another well known mapping application. There does not appear to be an option to select 3rd party camera anymore in the app and it keeps reverting to Mavic 2 Pro in settings. Any suggestions as to how to acquire satellites in DD to fly the mission?

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It’s your drone that has the GPS receiver and acquires GPS satellite signal, not the app you fly with, so it shouldn’t make any difference.

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Thanks Meta4,

Maybe I wasn’t clear, the mission that we wanted to fly was planned through Dronedeploy. When we performed the flight-checks it didn’t pass and failed through lack of satellites. When we closed the app and checked in DJI Go we have 15-20 satellites.
Since my last post we have moved to mounting the Micasense as a separate device and dual-mapping using an x5 and the Multi-spec, planned using the x5 with extra overlap. But thanks for the help.


This is where I really wish DroneDeploy reported the satellite count on the interface. I think what Meta4 was pointing to was that the number of satellites is always in DJI through the SDK to DroneDeploy so it shouldn’t matter.

What was the exact message received? There are two different ones that I have seen.

Also, how long was the drone on before DroneDeploy was opened and flight attempted? Was it left on when switching to DJI?