Support for DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Hello, I see that the Matrice 600 is now supported, does this include the M600 Pro version? Also, is there any ‘detailed’ documentation on flying with DroneDeploy on the M600, any best practices, issues? Would like to give this a run, but don’t want to rush into this, and have a crash ;-(


Hi @TazFlyer,

Our page of Supported Drones is as up to date as possible. We currently don’t have any pages listing best practices or known issues for each model, but we are here to help if you ever run into anything.


I have been using the DD app with my M600 Pro extensively without any issues, apart from the odd missing flight log…

jantheeven, thanks for taking the time to respond. I will give it a try. If you can tell me what camera you use to map with, as I am new to this?



I mostly use a third party camera (Micasense RedEdge)… so I have no experience with DJI cameras. In combination with the DD app that is. I have used the X3 and Z3 on my Matrice 600 Pro as well, but only with the DJI Go app. If you have any more questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Jantheeven, I have seen the Micasense RedEdge, agriculture work with drones is one of the areas I am looking in to (focusing on structures right now). Did you find a good Gimbal mount for the M600 and the RedEdge? I would guess the remote controller expansion module could be useful. Also, I like the Micsense Atlas Cloud to do the post processing. Once again thanks for your time. I hope to try DD later today if the weather holds. Take Care. Taz Flyer.

Why would you need the remote controller expansion module? I don’t…
You can’t use the Micasense Atlas Cloud anymore to do your post processing anymore. They teamed up with Pix4D (still pisses me off), so you are now forced to also get a Pix4Dag subscription to do the post processing. When that’s done, you can upload your reflectance maps to Atlas, which will turn them into useful maps with the indices you need. Or, you can process the reflectance maps with QGIS, which is free, but not as nice as Atlas unfortunately.

Yea, I have been looking at Micasense, and see about the post processing. I see a lot of things on the Sequoia, what were your thoughts on that camera?
This type of service would seem expensive for a ‘typical’ farmer. I would guess you need to find ‘larger’ farming operations where the cost savings and higher crop yield would more than compensate for the cost of the service.

Thanks again for your input, it is very helpful.


hi Jantheeven thanks for very helpfull information,

you bought all together or separately? or where can i get it?

best regards

Hey guys, got a question. Using a Zenmuse X5R with Matrice 600 Pro getting an error “Invalid Remote Controller Mode”. Any thoughts on how to resolve it?

Hmmm no I’m afraid not… that sucks… does that also happen with the DJI Go app?

Hi guys! I’m just new here also and been searching for a good compatibility software for m600 Pro and also for the camera.

Our gimbal is Ronin MX and Camera is SONY A7… we did a test map with DD but it didn’t take a shot…

Any suggestions?

I’ll be glad and thank you guys so much if you can reply some suggestion or how am I gonna work on those combination of drone+camera+flight mapping application (DD)

Have a great day! :smiley:


Welcome to our community! I highly suggest taking a peek at our Supported Drones page to see what hardware we currently support. If your setup is not listed, we cannot guarantee that it will or should work without issue with DroneDeploy.


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Hello Miss @Christina,
Thank you for the response :smiley:
I have checked the page and I guess it’s still not available especially for the camera…
maybe I should look for alternative mapping app for this case…
But I’m still looking forward for DD to have this kind of setup. :smiley:

Best Regards.

Have you tried manually taking the pictures and processing. I was able to fly a Yuneec H520 and the images worked well. The only problem I had was when I tried to use GCP’s. Elevations were all out of whack.

Hello @RASA_UAS. Of course the Sony A7 won’t take pictures with DD… it’s not a DJI camera. DD can only trigger DJI camera’s (and not even the Z3). The M600 Pro is supported just fine (I have one too and use it all the time for mapping, with the DD flight planning app), but you have to toggle the “use third party camera” switch in settings and find a way to trigger the camera in a different way. For example… I have a Sony A6000 camera and I installed this time-lapse app on it. Before taking off, I switch on the camera, run the app and set it to take a picture every x seconds (where x is depending on lots of factors of course).

Hi Michael,

Yeah I’ve tried also manually taking of photo but it’s not accurate and also there are so many factor also to consider… but thank you so much for the response. :smiley:

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Hi jantheeven,

We’ve come to a decision that we bought a mounting plate for zenmuse series and also bought a zenmuse x3.
so now we can operate the m600 with those.
But thank you also for your response and I will take note of that.
Thank you so much! :smiley:

That will work @RASA_UAS :wink: However… the X3 is probably one of the worst cameras for mapping. Just sayin’…

Hi Jantheeven,

It’s ok… I wanna know why? have you encounter any problem with x3 or other x series dji camera?
Because I wanna upgrade the camera to x4s or x5s but it’s not possible due to the gimbal mounting plate was built only for x series or inspire-1 compatible gimbal.