Mavic 3E Failed Preflight checklist

Good morning all,

I have a Mavic 3 enterprise and I just downloaded Drone deploy free trial version.

In the preflight checklist, when the checklist gets to the camera, it says that the camera is recording and will not pass this step.

I have verified that the camera is not recording.

If I go back to my preferences and change them to third-party camera, the preflight checklist will proceed normally.

The pilot two app is forced closed, and I have cycled up and down the air graft and the controller.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

If I use the third-party camera option, will the Mavic 3E still take the correct photos for mapping?

Thanks for any help you can give!

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It’s a bug. Workaround is to double click the video button while doing initializiy

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This happen to me on my M3E several times. I power cycled both the aircraft and the RC and that fixed it. I also exited DD and went back in and loaded the project a second time and that fixed it.

A bug to be sure…