Mavic 3 Enterprise Video

Have two problem with M3E doing a video in dronedeploy. First, when the drone goes to the start point the camera tilts down. At the start point, the camera autofocuses straight down and doesn’t come up to the correct angle, then starts the video and moves along the route but of the video has the camera slowly coming up to the proper angle. First 20 seconds are no good. Only temp fix I could discover is to ensure camera angle on the way to start point is at 0 degrees. Then it seemed to work.
Second problem is the video is broken into segements. It seems file size gets to 3.6 gig and it starts another file with a second of two skipped. I don’t mind splicing the video but need it to be smooth. Why is it not doing one continuous file?
Any help would be appreciated.

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The video files spliced nicely so that isn’t a concern.