Mavic 3e Video Missions Auto-focussing every 10 seconds


I am using the video plan mission, and unlike the Mavic 2, the Mavic 3e is constantly auto-focussing every 10-15 seconds. I would like to know if anyone else has this issue, maybe I need to change a setting in the DJI pilot 2 app to fix this problem.

This is a problem in Pilot 2 as well. You have to set it to AFS and I don’t think that is possible through the DroneDeploy port.

Seems like dronedeploy fails to put settings to drone anyway 1080p vs 4k for example, so it might work, but there is risk of entire video being out of focus, ill have to test later.

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I tested it and it seems like setting the drone to afs instead of default afc in the pilot 2 app fixes the issue!!!


Sweet. Going to re fly a project today because of this issue. I’ll change the setting and see how it goes.

What is AFS and AFC? I tried changing in in the pilot ap to manual and set it to the max but it doesn’t always seem to save it when I get to drone deploy and run a video…very frustrating

Auto Focus Single or Continuous. If you are running medium to short proximity videos the Mavic 3E has a habit of refocusing to a point where the change in focal length is noticeable in the footage. It’s best to get the scene set with AFS and only change focus by tapping on the screen. Problem here is that you can’t do that while in DroneDeploy.

So how are we doing orbit videos without that constant refocusing?

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If you are a good distance away from the subject and maintaining that distance then there is no need for a focus adjustment but if you are flying in an FPV style and constantly changing distance from subject then you will start to notice focal adjustments.