Cannot complete checklist - Camera Error

Phantom 3 Advanced, firmware 1.05.011 confirmed success, v1.2.3 of DroneDeploy beta app, running with DJI simulator. The preflight checklist fails with a red X for the camera. I went through several processes including checks with DJI Go which takes photos OK. I tried killing Go with the App Manager in case it was “hanging on” to the camera. I rebooted the P3A. Basically I tried all sorts of things, but could never get past the checklist. Note that, after failing to fly with DroneDeploy, going back to Go it looks like there is no camera. Black screen, settings appear to be defaults not the ones I have. After that the P3A needs to be rebooted for the camera to “come back”.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

There are a few people with this issue, myself included. I’ve not had a chance to try this, yet, but can you try Justin’s suggestion (@UAVRG ) from here of launching DJI Go and taking a picture so that there is something on the SD card and then trying again? That is if you have the opportunity

I have this problem too. I was using it on an empty memory card - will try this suggestion as well.

My SD has a bunch of data but plenty of room. I did take a successful image with DJI Go as I originally reported. I then switched to DD, failed the camera check, then switched back to Go and found the camera seemingly offline (black screen and default settings not mine). Rebooting the P3A and reconnecting with Go restored the camera.

Ok - tried again and this time took off with the DJI Go app, took a few photos, then returned. Cycled the remote, ran Drone Deploy and it worked fine.

@BobDenny I did get that once (camera offline) as well, but cleared it with a reset and a quick flight and camera test in GO. DD then worked.

Same issue… I think it is when the SD card doesn’t have the “default” folder with a photo. I had moved all old photos to a new folder. Camera Error. Took one picture from GO, then DD worked fine.

You have to change shoot type from RAW to JPEG ONLY on DJI GO App,
It works for me.

Had this issue today on a blank SD card, same deal, went to go app, took a pic, then DD worked fine.

Would like to see what the mechanism is that causes this…

I haven’t taken that close of a look into the technical reason behind this.

But near as I can tell. The DroneDeploy app doens’t have the ability to create the DCIM and hidden MISC folder on the SD card when the camera takes its first shot. While the DJI GO app is able.

I just came across the issue for the first time yesterday. Ill do some testing tomorrow or saturday and report back.

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If that really is an issue we can tell dji about it. I was with the engineers working on the SDK today actually. So let me know what you find out.