Mavic 3E, Cant launch do to camera is recording

Lately when I go to launch Mavic 3E (in DD), I get a message saying the drone cant launch do to the fact that camera is recording. Seems I have to stop DD and open Pilot 2, force stop it sometimes a couple times and reopen DD to get it to take off. This happens when I adjust the mission on the controller in DD sometimes also??

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Same is happening to me. Only fix seems to be to allow 3rd party camera option.

Did you find a fix for this issue?

I had the same issue earlier today with Mavic 3E. Turned the drone off, turned it back on but kept drone deploy open on the controller. Once it said the drone was connected again, I did not get the camera error again. Flew a mission with no problem after that.

Edit: I just updated to the latest firmware and DD app today. I’m not sure if the issue is related to that or not. This was my first time using DD with the Mavic 3E.

Unfortunately no. It still dose it more than not. DD’s solution did not work either.

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