Changes to camera settings

I have noticed anytime I use my DroneDeploy app, after I have completed and check my settings back in the pilot app, my camera settings have changes. Resets to JPEG only, and sharpness settings get ramped up to +3. I usually shoot at -1 sharpness, it would be nice if settings were changed back automatically.

As far as other settings in the Pilot app goes, is it beneficial for us to place camera in say “Vivid” to help with overall look since no color processing is done on your end and LOG looks dull? What are the settings that DD app changes in regard to the camera?

We currently set exposure, shutter speed, ISO (auto), and white balance. Shutter speed and ISO were not always working properly but in the APK about to be released it seems fine. The same thing might be true for exposure. We set it to 0 but I’m wondering whether it worked consistently.

cab we get the values the camera should be set at? the espesific values so we can pre set them before flight?

i am going out tomorrow and will try to do a new map with the inspire i would like to have the camera set right.

We will have a new APK today for sure with some small fixes including camera settings. I’ll make sure to include what we try to set them to in the release

that is awesome, thank you very much

It’d be interesting if you want to test vivid mode to see how maps turn out. We don’t change those settings and I don’t think they get overridden when you fly with DroneDeploy.

My mapping of the school is in vivid, but less than ideal lighting, dusk. I will do another vivid run tomorrow. Thanks for the reply

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