Clear definition for "Use 3rd party camera", please

I searched past Forum posts, but cannot find a clear explanation for the consequence of the Drone Deploy setting to “Use 3rd Party Camera”.

I assume one purpose is when I want to use DD to plan flights for a 3rd party camera that is physically mounted independently from the default camera? That makes sense.

What if I am using a modified NIR Zenmuse X4S mounted to the default gimbal of my DJI M200? This modified camera communicates to the remote controller just like a normal X4S. Do I need to select the DD “3rd party camera” option for any reason when I use that camera?

A related question: Does the “Use 3rd party camera” setting have an effect only during the flight itself or during only the uploading of the images at the end of the flight or on both?

No, for this one, you could use the regular camera settings. 3rd party settings would be for a non-DJI camera.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Neema, but I am curious to learn exactly what happens when the “Use 3rd Party Camera” is enabled for a non-DJI camera. Does that setting have an effect only on the planning and flying of a mission or only during the uploading of the images at the end of the flight or both?