How to use the Zenmuse XT2 with DD


Can someone please shine the light for me on how to use the XT2 with DD with a M200 drone?
For the XT2 we need to use DJI Pilot on Crystal Sky and DD is not compatible with Crystal Sky…So we use an Ipad connected to our Cendence remote controller with DJI Go 4 but the problem is that on DJI Go 4 we can not change any setting (manual camera settings, picture format i.e).
What is the way around this please?

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For the XT2, just plug in DroneDeploy as normal on the iPad, and fly as normal. There is no need to use Crystalsky.

We will capture imagery on both cameras simultaneously, and the thermal will be RJPEGs if available.

You can then upload the ®JPEGs to dronedeploy to process as normal.

If you have a radiometric XT2 camera, we offer an enterprise feature that uses the radiometric data to generate far more reliable and high quality stitches:


If you’d like to talk to the enterprise team:

Thank you for this. So then we cant adjust camera settings to map with the XT2? Since we can’t access camera settings on DJI GO 4 nor on DD? Is that correct?

What they’re failing to tell you is that it’s $10,000 a year tonutilize this. I soent An hour and half on the phone with DD. They have to turn the thermal Beta on for you. Otherwise you’ll never get past the camera check when you try and fly

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Maybe DJI Terra Pro will eventually support the XT2 on the M200. It’s 264/month or 1/3 as much.

Hi Seb, Which camera settings did you need to adjust?

Exposure, shutter speed, iso etc…the usual camera settings that need to be changed manually for mapping if I am correct? Also change the picture format from R-JPEG to JPEG if we want to. All seems impossible with this set up…

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