Zenmuse XT with Inspire 1 or M200

Hi all!

First post.

I am researching the ability to pull double duty with a drone and Zenmuse XT camera to do roof imagery (thermal) and also crop scouting. I think I can do this with a M200 and the Zenmuse XT or XT2 (using an Ipad as I don’t think Crystal Sky works with DD), but that combination is quite expensive. I know DD supports the Inspire 1 (which would be my cheapest option), but does the XT work with the Inspire 1 and DD?

Is the XT an adequate camera for crop scouting versus a straight (and cheaper) NDVI camera?

And again, my goal is to have a dual purpose air-frame with which I can swap cameras and use for both roof imagery and crop scouting on the ag end of things.

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can provide some guidance on this.